I have to admit I was pleased with the process of turning PowerPoint images into an iMovie.  I have done this before, and did learn some new strategies for setting up the movie before importing the images.  

I ran into some problems with the transitions automatically changing my image length.  When I changed the length by clicking on the gear icon, it wouldn't save.  I looked it up online and found that if  you just double-click on the image, a yellow box appears around the image.  You can grab a "handle" on the right or left side and change the length.  This worked fine.

Another student enabled Closed Captioning.  Since we had uploaded our audio script I thought I would add Closed Captioning also.  This is a great feature that I really didn't know existed!
11/25/2012 07:18:11 am

The iMovie program seems to be more user friendly than the moviemaker for the pc. I had a hard time linking my time up to each slide so I didn't have that awkward silence in between each picture. I think it came out fine, but I will definitely try to use iMovie if I have the opportunity.


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